Thursday, September 1, 2011

Re: { Marathi kavita } Trek to Ratangad/ Harishchandragad


If Pune people wish to join , where & how they can join ??
Mahesh Sonawane

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Sent: Wed, 31 August, 2011 8:09:51 PM
Subject: { Marathi kavita } Trek to Ratangad/ Harishchandragad


DIRECTLY CALL ME ON 9920396332... :)

Trek 2 Ratangad & Harishchandragad on 24-25 September 2011 ... Hope 2 c u with us 2 Njoy ...

Brief Intro abt Ratangad/ Harishchandragad

Height: 4255 ft / 4510 ft
Grade:Medium / Easy

Time: ~2 hrs frm Ratanwadi / 2 hrs frm Pachnai
Location: IgatPuri-Nagar region

Fascinating Spots:

Ratangad: Amruteshwar temple, Rani cha Huda, Nedhe, Trimbak Darwaja etc.

Harishchandragad: Taramati, Konkan Kada, Kedareshwar, Saptatirtha etc.
The Itinerary for the trek: -
Rendezvous: @ Borivali National Park, Borivali (east) 22:00 hrs on Friday 23/09/ 2011

22:10 hrs: Depart from Borivali by Private Vehicle

Saturday 24th September 2011

04:15 Hrs: @ Bhandardara ( Shendi )

04:30 Hrs: @ Ratanwadi either by Launch / Jeeps

05:45 Hrs: @ Ratanwadi

Breakfast & Tea Break , Intro time

06:45 Hrs: Ascend Ratangad by Ladders

09:00 Hrs: Atop Ratangad

Exploration, Sight seeing, Lunch, Rest for 3 hrs

12:30 Hrs: Descend through Trimbak Darwaja
15:30 Hrs: @ Ratanwadi Base

16:45 Hrs: @ Bhandardara either by Launch / Jeeps

Snacks & Tea Break

17:30 Hrs: Depart to Harishchandragad Base

19:00 Hrs: @ Pachnai

Dinner & Stay in Pachnai village

Sunday 25th September 2011

Early Morning Breakfast & T

07:00 Hrs: Ascend H'gad

09:00 Hrs: Atop

Explore Kokankada- Harishchandrgad for 3 hours

12:00 Hrs: Lunch

13:30 Hrs: Descend

15:30 Hrs: @ Pachnai

Depart by private vehicle 2 Mumbai

Snacks - Tea on da way @ Bhandardara

We will be in Mumbai 22:00 hrs (That's Subjective)


The Estimated initial expenditure is abt Rs. 1300 /-
This includes Borivali to Borivali transport by private vehicle, Launch / Ferry Charges to & fro, 2 veg meals, 4 Refreshments

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