Monday, November 7, 2011

[--{--AHO:8283--}--] Wikileaks: rahul gandhi suffering from personality disorder ( Reality)

Wikileaks: rahul gandhi suffering from personality disorder

WikiLeak Cable :

 Wikileaks new cable revealed that Rahul is suffering from some kind of personality disorder. This is confirmed by a Congress party leader himself. Saeed Naqvi who is general Secretary of Congress mention that Rahul has some issues with behavior and personality. Naqvi told the US official that it was increasingly common knowledge that Rahul suffered from 'personality problems' of an emotional or psychological nature

acording to the WikiLeak  cable, that the word among Congress insiders, including those in the coterie surrounding Sonia Gandhi, that Rahul would never become prime minister of India for several reasons.

This is also evident from recent happenings in India. When whole nation was protesting against corruption, Rahul remain silent. He earlier has given many immature statements which showed that Rahul lack reasoning and he don't follow his point.

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